Michael Barrowson

A small, stealthy patrol guard with a talent for weather watching and hunting.


Name: Michael Barrowson
Age: 28
Home: Port Sumac
Fur Color: Dark Grey
Guard Rank: Patrol Guard
Cloak Color: Blue-black
Parents and Family: Brand and Ivy Barrowson
Senior Artisan: Reuben the Cartographer
Mentor: Austin Tam
Friend: Arlen the wandering hermit
Enemy: Corwynn

Belief: Cleverness, not brawn, will lead to victory.
Instinct: When trouble is near, fade away until the time is right to strike.

Resources: 6 (Practices cartography in the winter, thrifty, careful packer)
Circles: 3 (Has strong ties to the Guard and has a reputation, but has been convicted of a crime and is a loner)
Gear: bow, quiver, halberd, hook and line, knife, trapper’s kit, map of the realm, spyglass, trail rations.


  • Tough: 1
  • Weather Sense: 1
  • Short: 1

Fate: 2
Persona: 8

Nature: 4/4 (Uses what’s needed, runs and hides when confronted, does not fear owls, weasels, or wolves)
Will: 4
Health: 4

Boatcrafter: 3
Weather Watcher: 5
Hunter: 4
Deceiver: 2
Cartographer: 2
Scout: 4
Fighter: 2


  • Flash flood-wise
  • Night-wise
  • Predator-wise

Born in Port Sumac, Michael’s first career was as a crew member of the trading ship Sea Lion. He worked there for three seasons before he became more tight-knit with the crew, and at that point some of the less savory crew members came forward to him with a proposition. They had started a small ring of thieves, using the Sea Lion as both home base and a cover identity. They had it down to a science: they would take a day of leave shortly before the ship was due to sail, burgle one or two promising houses each, and return early the next day to stash their loot and sail away with the ship before an organized search could uncover them. For a half-dozen stops after he was inducted, Michael ran with the ring, but he grew cold feet when the Sea Otter once again reached Port Sumac. His parents were reasonably wealthy, and true to his fears, their house was one of the ones that was to be burgled before leaving. He tried to ambush the thief when they entered his own home, and the port’s guardsmen arrived on the scene during the ensuing tussle. Michael and Alyssa, the thief that he stopped, were charged with grand larceny and fined heavily. The captain of the Sea Lion, Corwynn, was furious about the thieves’ ring being run using his trade ship as cover, and fired both of them immediately.

Michael spent a few seasons wandering the realms, and ran into a curious mouse along the way. He called himself Arlen the wanderer, and together they spent a great deal of time roaming across the realms. Arlen taught Michael a great deal about how to live a relatively untroubled life. His teachings introduced Michael to the basics of avoiding detection, and how to make traps to ensure a peaceful rest. In return, Michael told him about his troubles, and the two of them set a course for Lockhaven. There, Michael joined the mouse guard, and received some training in the art of fighting. There he met Blue and Val, apprenticing under Reuben the cartographer. Over several seasons he honed his skills in scouting, trapping, and reading the weather, eventually gaining a reputation for knowing just what to do when it came to dangerous animals. However, when it came to dealing with mice, he was found rather wanting; he was a patrol leader at one point, but failing to notice and prevent a lethal altercation within his patrol led to him being demoted to patrol guard again.

Michael Barrowson

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