Joanna Crookedseed

Piercing black eyes, Soft gray fur, and hands calloused by life. her hooded cloak is light green with a small black circular broach holding it together


Rank: Guardmouse
Age: 19
Home: Ivydale
Fur Color: Gray
Rank: Guardmouse
Cloak: Light Green

Parents: Sophie and Garth Crookeseed
Senior: Grenden the Harvester
Mentor: Nathan, former Patrol Leader, now deceased
Friend: Charles the Baker
Enemy: Alexander, former Patrol mate

Raw Abilities
Nature: 5
Will: 3
Health: 5

Condition: Tired, Feeling like a BA

Special Abilities
Resources: 3
Circle: 1

Fate Points: 1
Persona Points: 1
Conditions: Tired

Sharp Eyed: 0
Hard Worker: 0
Temp, Baby Weasel: 0

Belief: Trust very few, and those you trust, keep safe.
Goal: Protect parents and hometown
Instinct: Always keep a lookout for threats.

Scout 4
P: 1 F: 1
Harvester 3
P: F:
Survivalist 4
P: 4 F:
Pathfinder 3
P: 1 F: 1
Fighter 2
P: F:
Deceiver 2
P: 1 F:
Cook 2
P: F:
Persuasion 1
P: F:
Gear: Staff, leather satchel, rope


Personality Notes: Guarded, doesn’t open up to many mice, paranoid, disapproves of laziness, very clean and works hard (but her own private quarters are messy),

Returning from a year’s retirement; Recovering from trauma; thinks of baby Weasel as a threat to Lockhaven; Has made a blood oath to defend Val; Possibly more traumatized than previously thought; Believes Alexander to be responsible for the death of her mentor (he believes the opposite is true.);

Joanna Crookedseed

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